Position Yourself As A Coliving Thought Leader With Co-Liv

Co-Liv is launching the Co-Liv Tech Community and is offering you to play a leading role in it.

the Co-Liv Tech Community

The coliving field is expanding rapidly. This results in confusion in an intransparent market:
What's the tech that is out there, and from all those options which one is best for me?

An easy way to stand out from the crowd is what is missing.

Co-Liv recognized the need for transparency from the operator side, as well as the need to easily reach the growing amount of coliving operators on the service provider side.

That is why we are launching the Co-Liv Tech Community; and are proud to offer Thought Leader Partnerships to a select amount of partners to increase your visibility within your niche, and beyond.

10k+ total reach

We are reaching 10k+ professionals in the coliving ecosystem from over 40 countries.

10+ Tech workshops

In 2021 we will be hosting 10+ tech workshops targeting the wider coliving community.

100% Customer centric

Co-Liv reaches real estate developer, operators, designer, architects, investors - powering your customer centric approach.

68% decision maker

68% of our members are director level or higher, making us a unique network of leaders.

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